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In this video I reveal the #1 marketing strategy I’ve implemented in my own business Wyzowl ( for the last few years.

This strategy has provided us with thousands of backlinks and referring domains. This has resulted in a huge amount of traffic. Above all, this has placed us as thought leaders in our industry.

In this video I’ll give you step by step instructions as to how I’d recommend you should implement his in your own business. There is a particular way you need to do this to get best results so follow along and please get in touch if I can help you in any way.

Check out the examples I provided here:

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Video Transcript:

Hey, my names Matt Byrom and today I’m going to tell you about the most effective marketing tactic we’ve used for the last few years.

Our Strategy

At Wyzowl and publish our marketing strategy revolves around creating content to help and educate people. As such we write regular blog articles. We also write for large industry sites such as Hubspot, Business2Community,, Social Media Examiner and more. We create downloadable content such as ebooks and white papers, we create infographics and of course we create videos too.

However there is 1 tactic that we use that stands head and shoulders above all these in terms of one off results.

Original Data

So drum roll please. . .

The tactic I’m talking about is creating original data.

This involves planning a survey, speaking to the relevant audience and compiling the results. Or analysing a range of existing information and creating new and unique data points.

The result of this is that you have created some brand new data that other people can use, reference and link to.

Why is this so effective?

So, before I show you to to implement this for yourself I’m going to show you why this is so effective.

Basically, when you have unique data, you have something of value that other people will want to reference in their own articles and link back to. There are millions of articles written every day and bloggers and writers are always looking for data to include in their articles to help them justify the point they are making.

Therefore by providing writers with what they want you have the opportunity to generate new links to your site with very little ongoing work yourself.

How has this worked for us?

We survey businesses and consumers every year to find out how they plan to use video in the following year. This gives us a bunch of unique data points about how businesses plan to use video and how consumers feel about video. We call this our state of video marketing survey.

State of Video Marketing

Here you can see our state of video marketing 2018 survey results page. This contains all the data, statistics and analysis from our most recent research piece. All this data is sitting here waiting for writers and bloggers to find, use in their own article and link back to. The result of this is that we generate a steady stream of new links to our site.

As you can see from this chart, our 2016 results have 500 referring domains and even though its a couple of years old the page continues to generate new links every week.

2016 Results

Our 2017 survey has over 350 referring domains and continues to grow.

And our 2018 survey was recently launched and is currently flying as well.

Over these 3 surveys we’ve received an incredible 3,635 backlinks from 1,085 referring domains.

And almost all of these have come without us having to do any outreach or promotion. We’re simply providing the value and offering it for free in exchange for a link back to the original data.

How to implement this for yourself – Step 1

To start, find an opportunity in your market. Is there some data you wish you had? Or are there statistics that you see online all the time but they’re old and out of date?

As an example, another survey we conducted was actually of our competition. We contacted 70 explainer video companies to find out how much they charge for a 60 second explainer video. The prices vary wildly. So we compiled an anonymous data set showing how much an explainer video really costs. This data is unique and useful for people who talk about video marketing.

Cost of explainer video

Another example is a research piece we did for Kite. We contacted 1,000 influencers who have 10,000 or more followers. We heard back from over 200. We asked them a few questions about how they make money from being an influencer. This gave Kite some unique data about the state of the influencer market.


Or, our client Kreo who conducted a some research of people with construction job titles. We analysed the data, pulled out the most compelling statistics and made them available on their website for the world to see and use.


Once you’ve identified a topic for your research piece you can create a survey using software such as Survey Monkey and contact your audience. This can be the most time consuming part depending on how you go about it. But to help you get through this part you’ve got to think about the long term benefits this will bring.

How to implement this for yourself – Step 2

Once you have your data the first thing you need to do is analyse it and pull out the statistics you want to use.

Next, set up a dedicated web page for the statistics. This page will act as the hub for this research piece. It’s the place where all data will be available and where people who use the statistics will link back to. You want this page to rank highly in the search engine for terms such as “statistics on your industry”. This will help people find your data to include in their own articles.

How to implement this for yourself – Step 3

So now you’ve completed your research, you have some great statistics and you’ve set up a web page to make the data freely available to the world.

What I recommend you do next is create an ebook version of the research. This can be similar to the web page but might include more analysis. This means that people can download and take away the research. This could also be sent on to friends or colleagues.

The benefit of creating an ebook is that it can be gated. If people want to download the report they will give you their name and email address in exchange for it. This generates you a new contact in your CRM that can be nurtured further and might possibly become a customer down the line.

The result

The result of this process is that you have a web page that generates a lot of organic backlinks and traffic. You also have a downloadable report that generates you new leads.

We’ve found this to be one of our best performing marketing strategies over the last few years. I’d love to know your thoughts and see the results of your own implementations of this tactic.

As always, if you have any questions or would like further support or advice, please email me here.