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In this video I’ll show you an easy way to provide tons more value to your blog readers and grow your email list at the same time. How?? Content upgrades!

A content upgrade is a piece of content that helps a user put what they have learnt in your blog article into action. It could be a template, a checklist or a tool that helps them “do” the thing they have just learnt by reading your article.

The execution of ideas can often be the most difficult part. By proving your readers with the tried and tested tools they need you’re making your blog post infinitely more helpful.

Video Transcript:

Hey, I’m Matt Byrom. In this video I’m going to show you how to use small pieces of content to build your email list at a rapid rate. I’m going to tell you what a content upgrade is and give you the steps you need to implement this strategy for yourself.

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What Is A Content Upgrade?

A content upgrade is a piece of content that gives the reader of your blog article more value on the same topic.

This could be a PDF download, a link to a Google Doc, Google Sheet or Google Slide, an additional video, an email series or any other form of content.

The important thing is that this piece of content needs to give more value to the reader around the same topic.

For instance, if you’re an ecommerce consultant and you write a blog post about how to create the perfect product page. Your content upgrade could be a checklist that covers all the items people need to add to their product page. This would be useful so people could print this off and check the items off as they create their product page.

Or, if you’re an accountant and you’ve written an article about financial forecasting. Your content upgrade could be a link to a Google Sheet with a blank financial forecast model that people could use for themselves.

These pieces of content extend the usefulness of your blog article. They make it easier for people take action and implement what they’ve learnt after reading.

Why Is This So Successful?

When people read a blog article they’re often trying to learn something new. Or extend some knowledge they already have.

And, as the writer of the post you’re the provider of that new information. You have the expertise and you are trying to transfer your knowledge to the reader.

So by using a content upgrade you’re not only telling them how to do something, you’re also giving them the tools to turn this new knowledge into action.

This can make the blog article infinitely more helpful and as such that’s why this strategy is so successful.

A great example of this is the Wyzowl State of Video Marketing survey. We created a page that includes all the survey data points.

Wyzowl Content Upgrade

But we also created a content upgrade which is a PDF report with all the data and analysis.

Content Upgrade

The result of this is that we’ve seen over 1,000 downloads of this report over the last few months.

Content Upgrade Data

What Type Of Content Should You Use?

A content upgrade can be anything you can provide the reader that they can access online, download or print off.

The best thing to do is think about the the tools you use to put whatever your talking about into action. Do you use a template, a process, a checklist. OR, if not, could you create a document that would be useful for others to help them implement this more effectively?

Remember that you are the expert here. You know what you’re talking about and you might not need a step by step checklist. But, other people who read your article are likely to be beginners or intermediate level. What could you provide them to help them to help them implement these new learnings in an easier way?

If you were training a new member of your team you’d provide supporting documentation to help them implement what they have learnt. Think of your blog readers in the same way. The more helpful you can be the better.

How To Implement This For Yourself?

Ok, so now you understand what a content upgrade is and you might have a few ideas for some content to use as the upgrade. So here’s how you set this up for yourself.

Firstly you’ll want to create the content. This needs to be in a shareable format such as a PDF document or a link to a sharable document like a Google Doc.

Next, create a box or call out on your article with an explanation of the content upgrade. Tell people what the content upgrade is and how it will help them.

Here you can see an example of this in action on my site. I created a checklist to help people tick off all the ways they can promote their explainer video. This makes sure people don’t forget a step.

Matt Byrom Content Upgrade

The box I’ve created is clearly highlighted, tells people what the upgrade is and asks them to click the link to get the upgrade.

The next thing you need to do is create a way for people to give you their contact details in exchange for the content upgrade. You could use a pop up form or send people to a page with a form on it.

In my example, when people click the link on the blog page they’re taken to a landing page where they can read a bit more about the content upgrade and fill in the form.

Content Upgrade Landing Page

But, if creating a landing page is a bit too much work you could implement a simple pop up form. The important thing is that you give people a way to sign up for this content.

Then once people have signed up you need to send them the content automatically. Your form could send people to the content after they complete the form or you could send them the content by email.


The result of this is that people who read your blog articles get access to the tools they need to help them implement the things you’re talking about in your article. This means people get more value from the content you create.

You’ll also increase the size of your email list at a rapid rate. The reason for this is that providing VALUE in exchange for someones contact details will be more successful than just asking people to subscribe to your blog alone.

I’d love to know what you think of this. How have you implemented it for yourself? Please share some of your content upgrade examples in the comments. And, if I can be of any help please email me directly at