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Are you going to a an exhibition or conference soon? If so this video will be useful for you. I explain 3 simple tips to help you get more business before, during and after the exhibition.

Video Transcript:

Hey, I’m Matt Byrom. I’m in New York this week attending an exhibition called TechDay. So in this video I’m going to give you 3 simple things you can implement to generate more business at the next exhibition you attend.

Before the Exhibition – Research the Exhibitors & Attendee List

When you attend an exhibition you’ll usually get an exhibitors list. And if you’re really lucky you’ll also get an attendees list. I’d really recommend spending some time with this list, do some research on each company and cross check them against your ideal customer profile. Your aim is to narrow these big lists down to a handful of companies who you feel perfectly match your ideal customer profile.

Then, when you’ve got a shortlist of companies the next thing you want to do is go on to LinkedIn and find the person at that company who you want to speak with. Then send that person a connection request, mention that you’re both going to the same exhibition and ask them if they would have time to meet up and have a chat.

If you can set up a handful of meetings in advance that means you’re setting yourself up for success before you even leave for the event.

During the Exhibition – Create a Lead Scoring System

You’ll usually have hundreds of conversations at every exhibition you go to. And it can be really hard to remember who you’ve spoken to. Who were the good leads? Who did you need to follow up with instantly and which leads can go to the back of the pile?

So I’d recommend setting up a lead scoring system. This means that you and your team have a simple way to track the best leads from the average and the poor leads.

For example, your lead scoring system might go from A to D. The A’s will match your ideal customer profile perfectly and they might have said they’re ready to buy. B’s will be less sales ready, followed by C’s and then D’s might fit your ideal customer profile but their need is yet to be defined.

You need to write each persons score on their business card along with a couple of notes. That way you can follow up with each lead in the best way after the event.

After the Exhibition – Follow Up Personally

After an exhibition it’s typical for people to get a bunch of emails. This can be frustrating and often the excitement has subsided a bit by then as well.

What I’d recommend doing is creating a short plan for each lead. Note down a few ways you can help them. And then, simply pick up the phone, give them a call and chat things through personally. This is simple but it rarely happens. So it really can be the best way to engage with someone after an exhibition.

If you can’t get hold of them, make a short video explaining your conversation and how you may be able to help them in the future. A tool like Wistia’s Soapbox is perfect for this. Send them the video by email with a custom thumbnail. Hopefully this will prompt them to contact you back and start the conversation.

So, I hope these 3 tips have been helpful. If you’d like more information on this topic go to to download the full ebook with all 13 ways to generate more business before, during and after an exhibition. And, if I can help further please contact me here.