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Writing articles is only 50% of the job. Promotion is so important and could make the difference between your article being a flyaway success and a flop. In this video I’ll show you the 6 step process we use to promote our blog articles.

This process ensures that each article you create has the best chance of getting in front of your target audience. This will help generate traction for the article including likes, shares, comments and possibly some backlinks too.

Video Transcript:

Hey, I’m Matt Byrom. Today I’m going to run through the 6 things we do to promote every new blog article we release. This is a simple 6 step process that starts to generate traffic, shares and backlinks for each article we create.

Post on Social Media

The first thing we do is to post on all our social media channels. The most important of these are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But we’ll sometimes also post on Stumbleupon, Reddit and others depending on the post. Our plan here is to start the conversation with our audience. To help with that we’ll also ask our internal team to like and share the post if they can.

Another thing we do is to DM or mention other companies we reference in the article. Often they’ll share or retweet the post to THEIR audience which helps us generate a wider reach.

Create Social Media Ads

We put a small budget behind most of our created content. The reason we do this is that like many businesses organic posting only gets us in front of a small fraction of our audience. By creating ads we can get our content in front of a much larger, targeted audience.

We’ve found that a small budget is all it takes to generate likes and shares for each piece. In turn this will start to generate traffic and you might also generate some backlinks from this as well.

Write Up on Industry Forums

We write short intros for a number of different industry news sites. As we’re in the marketing industry the sites we do this for include, Growth Hackers and a few LinkedIn Groups. A quick Google search or group search on your social media channels will bring up similar opportunities in your industry.

I, personally find that this is a great way to get our interesting content in front of a highly targeted audience. The thing is, people who visit these groups are going there to read, learn and engage with the content they consume. So, by posting in these places you’re leveraging a targeted niche audience. It’s also a great way to start the conversation and build some new relationships.

Post on News Sites

We post articles to new sites like Flipboard and

These are high traffic news sites that filter content by the topics people are interested in reading. This means that by posting here our content has a good opportunity to get in front of a large and targeted audience.

Flipboard can be viewed on the web and also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. My tip is to check out their really simple Chrome extension called Flipit that lets you post your own content to their database with just a few clicks. And is also a Chrome extension. I’d highly recommend you check both out.

Send Out an Email

Of course you can’t forget to send out an email to your blog subscribers. Sending out a simple email to people who have subscribed gets YOUR content in front of an opt in audience.

So hows the best way to do this?? Well, you could send out emails one by one for each article you create OR you could send a weekly or monthly roundup. The option you choose really depends on your preferences as well as what your audience wants and expects.


There are a ton industry news websites out there that aggregate and syndicate content from around the web. For example, for our Wyzowl brand we syndicate our blog to Business2Community.

What this means is that when we post a new blog article, Business2Community also publishes it automatically on their site. This has the positives of generating us traffic through the links in the article and it gets us a wider reach and brand awareness.

I know what you might be thinking, isn’t this duplicate content? Well, not really. Business2Community has a statement at the end of each article saying that it was originally published on the Wyzowl blog with a link back to our site. This indicates to the search engines that we are the original source of the content and that it has been republished with permission.

To find opportunities like this in your own industry you can search Google for phrases such as “This article originally appeared on” or “Contribute to this site”. Do a few searches along with your industry name and see what you can find.

The Results

The result of these 6 simple actions is that we start to generate traction for each article we create. We generate likes, shares, backlinks and comments. This helps to generate traffic back to our site and gets the conversation started for each new piece of content.

So, let me know how YOU promote YOUR content, what wins have you had and what could you add to this list? Please comment below. I’d love to chat about this further. As always, if you’d like to get in touch, please email me here.