Welcome to the Marketing Strategies podcast. I’m your host, Matt Byrom. Today, I’m joined by Henrique Cruz, the head of growth at Rows. Rows is a modern blend of spreadsheet and database technology, connecting with hundreds of third-party tools to provide a seamless data analysis experience. Their innovative approach has driven remarkable growth, and I’m excited to delve into the marketing strategies that have fueled their success.

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Henrique Cruz, the head of growth at Rows, brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas to the table. Rows itself is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how we use spreadsheets. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Rows integrates with various tools, such as Facebook Ads, Stripe, and BigQuery, allowing users to import and analyze data seamlessly. Additionally, it offers advanced AI features to help users interact with and interpret their data more effectively. Henrique’s leadership has been pivotal in Rows’ rapid expansion from 50,000 to 900,000 users in less than a year.

Marketing Strategy #1: Instant Rows

Henrique’s top marketing strategy, termed “Instant Rows,” is a revolutionary approach to user onboarding. Instead of a traditional homepage, visitors to Rows’ website are immediately immersed in the product itself. This seamless entry point allows users to experience Rows’ unique features without barriers. The rationale behind this strategy is that most potential users are already familiar with the concept of spreadsheets. Therefore, allowing direct access lets them immediately understand Rows’ enhanced capabilities.

This approach has dramatically increased Rows’ conversion rates from 9% to over 25%. Users are more likely to sign up after experiencing the product’s value firsthand. The iterative process involved refining the onboarding experience to address user feedback effectively, ensuring new users quickly grasp what sets Rows apart from other spreadsheet tools. This strategy has been a game-changer, significantly contributing to Rows’ explosive growth.

Marketing Strategy #2: Leveraging Social Media

Rows’ second key strategy leverages the power of social media, particularly through strategic partnerships with AI influencers. Upon launching their AI Analyst feature, Rows managed to secure 30 million impressions on social media within the first 48 hours, leading to 100,000 signups in just a few weeks. The strategy involved collaborating with prominent influencers who created compelling content, such as the viral hook “AI just killed Excel,” which captivated the audience’s curiosity.

The success on social media was not just a one-time event but was sustained through continuous engagement with influencers. Rows allocated a budget to keep the momentum going, ensuring a steady stream of content that kept the product in the spotlight. This consistent presence on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn helped Rows maintain its visibility and attract a growing user base.

Marketing Strategy #3: SEO and Content Creation

Henrique’s third significant marketing strategy focuses on SEO and creating valuable content like templates, calculators, and tools. Rows has developed a robust library of templates and calculators that attract users through organic search. These resources, ranging from basic calculators to complex templates for specific use cases, serve as entry points for potential customers.

Rows’ approach to SEO involves identifying high-traffic, relevant keywords and creating content around them. For example, their calculators and templates target specific integrations and reporting needs that are highly searched for online. This strategy not only drives traffic but also ensures that visitors immediately see the value of Rows, facilitating higher conversion rates. The ability for users to engage with these tools without needing to sign up initially helps build trust and showcases the platform’s capabilities effectively.

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To wrap up the podcast, Henrique answered three quickfire questions:

Best Piece of Marketing Advice – Henrique’s top advice is to “build something people want in an exploding market.” He emphasizes the importance of aligning product development with current market trends to maximize growth potential.

    Book Recommendation – Henrique recommends two insightful books for marketers:

      Software Tool You Can’t Live Without – Henrique’s essential tool is, a software that facilitates the creation of product videos with automatic zoom and framing. This tool has been instrumental in generating engaging content for Rows’ social media channels.

        This episode provides valuable insights into innovative marketing strategies and highlights the importance of adapting to market trends and leveraging modern tools to drive growth. For more details and to experience Rows firsthand, visit their website at